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Handling Tips

Frequently Asked Storage and Handling Questions

Antiques and Fragile Items

When preparing for a move, be sure to point out any antiques or fragile items to your moving consultant. You may need to use specially built crates or special packing materials. Also, consider contacting an appraiser to have your antiques evaluated for insurance purposes.


Drain the waterbed properly before moving or storing to prevent damage or mildew – consult your owner’s manual or contact a local dealer. Also, be sure your new home can structurally support a waterbed.

Home Computers and Electronics

Be sure to back up any computers to a separate, secondary storage disk before moving, and be sure to store the disk away from any other electronic devices to prevent data loss. To store computers, the original box and packing materials are best, otherwise use bubble pack and sturdy boxes. Clearly label the box FRAGILE. Remove toner or cartridges from laser or inkjet printers before moving. REMOVE ALL BATTERIES before storing any electronics or toys.


Don’t try to move plants. Chances are they won’t make the trip!

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Tips from Victory Drive Self Storage for handling your belongings during a move.