Climate Control in Thunderbolt, GA

At Victory Drive Self Storage, we provide solutions to your self-storage units needs. We are a family-owned business located at 2389 Downing Avenue in Thunderbolt, GA 31404. We offer affordable prices because your storage facility is an extension of your home and should not be overpriced, along with drive-up access, climate-controlled units, truck rental options, and security to keep your possessions safe.
When it comes to climate-controlled storage, what exactly do we mean by climate control? Well, it's a significant benefit for anyone looking to protect their items from the weather, especially the humidity and freezing temperatures and the damage that may follow. The difference between a climate-controlled unit and a regular uncirculated unit is the air quality and temperature control. With the temperature-controlled unit, your items will never rot, nor will they develop mold, mildew, or water damage. At the same time, air filtration circulates the air to remove unpleasant odors.
You'll need an additional layer of protection for furniture, clothing, paintings, electronics, photographs, instruments, wine, essential documents, antiques, collectibles, sports equipment, and bicycles. We already offer security and the amenities you require to make your move easy. However, the benefit the climate-controlled atmosphere provides for you, especially for the items listed above, is protecting temperature and air quality.
Particular possessions are more susceptible to the elements than others. If you store your clothes in your garage and heavy rain comes in, flooding your garage, you're left to deal with the results. The boxes you were keeping your clothes in became wet from the rain or humidity on a hot day. As those clothes sit in the now damp box, they will begin to mold or develop a fungus, and we all know how dangerous black mold can be. And because mold thrives in muggy conditions, it also tends to spread and is not only extremely bad for our health but can be a challenge to remove.
To avoid these damages, choosing a climate-controlled unit at Victory Drive Self Storage makes sense. Call us at (912) 355-4631, where our customer service agents will be ready to answer your questions.